The Magical Experience of a Lifetime

Arrive October 2; Depart October 6 2019
(Workshops on the 6th)

The Genii Convention: Where the Stars Come to Shine in 2019

David Blaine says “At the Genii Convention I was able to have an incredible time with some of the greatest minds in magic. It was a reunion with some of my closest friends that I rarely get to see.”

Paul Harris says “A warm fuzzy one big happy magic family convention.”

John Carney says “Richard and Genii do it up right. You’ll have a great time at the Genii Convention!”

Max Maven says “I’ve come to all three Genii Conventions. The first and third were sensationally enjoyable.”

Guy Hollingworth says “For a few days in October, there are two Magic Kingdoms in Orlando.”

John Bannon says “The Genii knows a lot of top-notch magicians and virtually all of them show up. The best convention experience I’ve had in a long time.”

And you will be able to say “It’s the best convention I’ve ever been to” when you join us Wednesday October 2 to Sunday October 6, 2019, in sunny Orlando, Florida for the next Genii Convention featuring Penn & Teller.

Our Performers for 2019!

Penn & Teller
Gaëtan Bloom
Lindsay Benner
Bill Cheung
Rudy Coby
Anna DeGuzman
Nick Diffatte
Alexandra Duvivier
Dominique Duvivier
Akira Fujii
Carisa Hendrix
Jay Johnson
Eric Jones

Ian Kendall
John Lovick
Hector Mancha
Jonathan Neal
Jonathan Pendragon
Ben Seidman
Jim Steinmeyer
John Thompson
Paul Vigil
Justin Willman
Rob Zabrecky
49 Boxes

Why Genii Convention?

We strive to book new magicians and lecturers, many of whom you may have read about in Genii but have never seen perform live before. Our convention in 2019 will be no different, with new performers from the west coast and Europe who don’t just do one or two tricks, but are given the time to really show off their best work often in 45 to 60 minute shows. This year we’re featuring Penn & Teller on Friday evening. Welcome to the 2019 Genii Convention … we promise it will be a great one.

The best news is you won’t have to choose between events at The Genii Convention. The event is designed so that all attendees have the opportunity to see everything on offer, and everyone gets to share the same fantastic experiences. There isn’t a bad seat in the house, either; you’ll be able to see every performance and lecture on two 9 x 16 foot hi-definition video screens in our main showroom.

Where is the Genii Convention?

The Genii Convention is returning to its home in Orlando, Florida, and our convention hotel is once again The Florida Hotel and Conference Center.

Special Genii Convention Rate:$129 per night (plus tax). The “Resort Fee” of $18 per night is waived for our attendees.

The Florida Hotel and Conference Center is located just 20 minutes from Orlando International Airport, making it quick and convenient to get to. Not only is our hotel attached to the enormous Florida Mall (the largest mall in central Florida with a food court offering you numerous inexpensive dining options during the show), it is also just 15 minutes from Universal Studios’ two theme parks and 20 minutes from Walt Disney World’s four theme parks. Our exclusive hotel room price is offered for several days both before and after the convention for your convenience, so stick around and enjoy some rides!

Hotels within walking distance of the convention include the Hampton Inn Orlando-Florida Mall (about a 15-minute walk) and the Red Roof Inn Orlando South-Florida Mall (about a 10-minute walk).

When is the Genii Convention?

Arrive October 2; Depart October 6, 2019. Optional workshops will be available on October 6th for an an additional fee.

What Makes the Genii Convention Different?

All attendees  have the same magical experience at the same time.

Events are not repeated: everyone sees the same performance.

You do not have to choose between events: all attendees can see everything!

No TED-style talks: It’s magic magic magic nonstop.

How can I attend?

Early bird registration is $350. The price will rise to $400 in April 2019. You can reserve your spot right now with a deposit of only $50.

Refunds will be given upon request until June 30, 2019.


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